Laser Tag like you've never play before

Everyone is playing them sitting in a basement, so we are bringing the modern video games to life in your front yard, office, gym or in a parks! Go head to head against friends and family members. Both children and adults can compete together to accomplish missions and bring their team to victory.  We have taken concepts from the hottest video game titles like Call of Duty and bring that experience to life. With a variety of laser tag game modes available, you are sure to find the scenario to fit your preferences.

Fun For All Ages

No "pew, pew" cheap plastic laser tag guns and bulky vests used here. Our Tactical Laser Tag packages use your professional military grade with a range allowing you to tag your opponent up to 800' away, with a realistic equipment and realistic sound effects will give you an experience you will never forget. Our Laser Tag is the ultimate combat immersive entertainment experience. Nothing is more memorable and remarkable than having an amazing game at the party.


The Best Equipment


We'll Bring the Game to you

• We will meet you at your backyard, public park or any location of your choice
• We provide an inflatable bunkers or a camouflage tents which let players take cover
• We will customize the games based on the age of the players
• We will program our equipment for a variety of games, battle modes, firing rates, health or damage

Most popular



Up to 10 Players

2 Hours of Games Play 

8 Inflatable bunkers

MP-9 taggers

Game Operator



Up to 12 Players

2 Hours of Games Play 

Battle Field setup

Inflatable bunkers

Added AK-15

Game Operator



Up to 14 Players

2 Hours of Games Play 

Battle Field setup

Inflatable bunkers

Added AK-15 and  AR-15

Game Operator


We use the most high-tech laser tag system available! 

The best laser tag equipment makes the best laser tag party.

Our Laser Tag events include laser taggers for up to 16 players at once. We can play numerous types of games as Team Death Match, Capture The Flag and more. 

We recommend to wear comfortable running shoes.

Missions can be different based on amount and age of players. All game missions can be found here.