Our superhero is an almost immortal player, equipped with weapons with a high rate of fire. The weapon is programmed for an infinite number of shots. The characteristics of the other players are the same. The conflict between the living and zombies is resolved by the classical method - complete destruction.

The Death Match Game is simple. The mission for both teams is to find and kill as many of the rivals as possible while minimizing friendly casualties in close quarters fighting. No medic boxes in this game. Killed players leave the field until the end of the game.

Last Man Standing

Every player for himself. A straight-out elimination type mission. No bases or special objects. No medic boxes. The goal is to eliminate all enemy players. 

Capture the Flag

Capture the other team flag from their base and bring it back to your base without running out of life. Only a live fighter can carry the flag. If an agent is neutralized while carrying the flag, they must drop it in place and go to re-spawn. Either player can pick up the flag at this point. If it is picked up by the player that owns it, it can only be returned to its original location, but if it is picked up by the player of  opposite team and delivered to his base, the MISSION IS OVER.

Golden Gun

1 shot = 1 kill.  Just one reloading. Reloading time is 5 seconds. Anyone can respawn at any respawn points because there are no teams. To win you must have the most kills in the allotted time. 

There are a lot of ways to play Laser Tag. Below just a few different game types we can offer. From a basic, to more complex missions-based games. Every game scenarist promises high level of excitement.  Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Team Death Match