SAFE non-contact sport

Our Laser Taggers shoot an infra-red beam, just like your TV remote control. They’re absolutely safe and pose no danger of damaging eyes or causing any harm. Since the typical round lasts from 5 to 15 minutes, we can accommodate both large and small parties by rotating players in. Everyone can play!


(basic mission)

The players are divided into two teams, each team's task is to find and destroy the enemy team.

The winner is the team that was able to eliminate all opponents within a set time. If there are survivors in each team at the end of playing time, the instructor gives the whistle. After that one minute is left until the end of the fight, after which the leader will be determined. The winner is the team in which more players have survived.

Usually we play this game first, so that the players get comfortable with the equipment.


The players are divided into two teams with an equal number of participants and occupy positions on their bases. Each team base has a first-aid kit and a flag of the appropriate color. The task is to capture the enemy flag and deliver it to the home base. 

A killed player can only be revived on the home base.

If a player is killed while carrying the opponent's flag, the loot is placed on the ground where the flag bearer was killed. The flag can be picked up by your teams player - then he will continue to carry it to his base. If the flag is picked by the enemy, it returns to the home base. Another option is to play a scenario with only one flag.


Strategy and teamwork are essential in this game. Two teams face off each with. Each team chooses a medic. Choose wisely, because if the medic is eliminated so are the respawns. After players get killed, they cannot move. It is up to the team’s medic to respond to the cries and get to the player. Medics will instantly revive players by getting within a few feet of them. If a medic gets eliminated, he is leaving the game. The team with the most survived at the end of 10 minutes is declared the winner.


In this game mode, we use a Game Box set to “Defender” mode. The mission of both teams is eliminate the Game Box. Also team Alpha has to eliminate team Bravo, and team Bravo has to do the same with team Alpha. Team that destroys the box first wins.  Do you think it's easy? The game box fires back.


A straight-out elimination type mission. A traditional game of “King of the Hill” where everyone is for himself. No bases or special objects. No medic boxes. Forge alliances quickly, and take out the opposition. 5 hits eliminates you from the game.  Last man standing wins. Just make sure you know who you can trust.


All players have unlimited lives. Reloading time is 5 seconds. Three hits kill. The weapon emits a blaster sound like in a Star Wars movie. The goal is to eliminate as more as possible players of opposing team in the allotted time.



A scenario inspired by Hollywood horror stories: living people fighting against a group of walking dead. But in this case zombies are armed with laser tag guns, with increased health, ammo, rapidity of fire and damage. What we will typically do is start 13 players to be the “humans” and 3 players to be the “zombies”. At first, it’s an all out assault by the humans on the zombies. The zombies are being eliminated, and of course go back to the Game Box to respawn. Zombies eliminate a couple or few players. Those players go to the Game Box in the Zombie’s base to respawn as zombies. This is a very intense game, because whichever player/s make it to the end of the time limit and remain as survivors, wins! If there are no survivors, then zombies win!


This is a sniper mode game. One or two hits kills, but you only have 2 bullets per clip and a 4 second reload time. Just two reloading. No medic boxes. No teams. Every one for himself.  The weapon shoots very quietly. A last man standing wins.


Everybody on the battlefield has unlimited lives. Whenever they die, they just have to back to their base, respawn their guns and they’re back in the game. Each team will choose someone to be their secret general.  The Secret General only gets one life, when they die the entire team loses. First team to hunt down and kill the other teams general wins the game. The Secret General gets double the health and double the fire power, so they do not die as easy.

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