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About Us

It's every parent's responsibility to give their kids the best. Starting from in-home experiences to outdoor experiences. Everything matters when it comes to giving your child beautiful and long-lasting memories and creating that unique bond between you both. Most times parents find it difficult to know the best options for their kid's party with a lot of choices out there. Planning for your kid's party or celebration takes a lot of planning and preparation which is really stressful when you don't really know what to do. Serjo's Bouncy Castles will provide everything to make the party fun, we stock a wide range of products such as premium quality inflatable jumping castles to foam party system and various entertainment inflatables. With us, you are always assured of great fun for your kids, at your party.
Our inflatables are always lovely and a point of attraction to the kids not just cause of the fun they can have in them but also how colorful the designs are. The inflatables are made using quality materials and they have amazing art paintings and designs all over, which will definitely leave a fun and long-lasting memory for your kids. At Serjo's Bouncy Castles, our primary aim is to provide parents with the opportunity to give their children safer and better fun with the right set of inflatables to make the children's party the best it can be.
At Serjo's Bouncy Castles, the fun never stops and all the kids will always remember the party as the best they have ever been to. Children love everything they do to be fun and playful. That is what we provide at Serjo's Bouncy Castles, our Parties are fun and colorful in the kind of way that will totally capture your kids and keep the celebration or party rocking, making everyone happy. After our parties, you will notice an incredible change in your kids and you will feel the strongly built up bond as you have made the best childhood memory for them. We can get to all locations so you need not worry about the hassle, we will be there for you whenever you need us. We ensure all our products are sanitized after each use; this way your child’s safety is never compromised.
Our company grows each day and we add new inflatables, equipment and party settings to our list of amazing kids party experiences. So be sure to always check for something new.
If you want to give your kids the best birthday or party experience, one which they will always remember and talk about even when they grow older, give us a call or send us a message on 226-606-1420.

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