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Hoverball Safe Archery

Test Your Skills

Hoverball Archery is an ultra-safe way to learn how to shoot archery.

Hoverball Archery is an amazing new interactive game that will immediately engage your guests with a fun and safe competition. This inflatable interactive archery game features floating targets and safe non-lethal arrows. The soft foam tipped arrows offers the same flight characteristics as a standard arrow yet much safer, allowing opportunities to shoot indoors without the special netting.  A fun introducation to archery for a novice, also a fun challenge for the experienced archer. The appealing bright colors of the foam-tipped arrows and challenge of the hover-balls will have children, teens and adults lining up for a turn!

This one is sure to be an exciting and challenging game for all ages! Pick up a bow and soft tipped arrow, then try to knock over the floating targets. Archery HoverBall will allow your guests to show off their skills and will be a hit at any event.

Great for ages 8 and up.



Required Area: 10 x 23 feet is ideal
Ages 6 and up

  • 6 recurve bows

  • 20 foam-tipped safety arrows

  • balls

  • Interactive Hover Archery inflatable shooting range

  • Short training

  • Delivery and setup

Waiver of liability must be signed by all players and handed to Serjo Bouncy Castles prior the play.

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