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Hoverball Safe Archery

Test Your Skills

Hoverball Archery is an ultra-safe way to learn how to shoot archery.

Hoverball Archery is an amazing new interactive game that will immediately engage your guests with a fun and safe competition. This inflatable interactive archery game features floating targets and safe non-lethal arrows. The soft foam tipped arrows offers the same flight characteristics as a standard arrow yet much safer, allowing opportunities to shoot indoors without the special netting.  A fun introducation to archery for a novice, also a fun challenge for the experienced archer. The appealing bright colors of the foam-tipped arrows and challenge of the hover-balls will have children, teens and adults lining up for a turn!

This one is sure to be an exciting and challenging game for all ages! Pick up a bow and soft tipped arrow, then try to knock over the floating targets. Archery HoverBall will allow your guests to show off their skills and will be a hit at any event.

Great for ages 8 and up.



Required Area: 10 x 23 feet is ideal
Ages 6 and up

  • 6 recurve bows

  • 20 foam-tipped safety arrows

  • balls

  • Interactive Hover Archery inflatable shooting range

  • Short training

  • Delivery and setup

Waiver of liability must be signed by all players and handed to Serjo Bouncy Castles prior the play.

For further information, please feel free to reach out to us





K-W, Cambridge, Guelph

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