Rules of Use

 Read and follow these instructions

Warning: These rules must be followed to avoid serious injury.​



1.   REMOVE shoes, eyeglasses and any sharp objects.

2.   Somersaults, diving, wrestling, rough play and flips are prohibited.

3.   NO food, drinks, gum, pets or silly string.

4.   Riders with mental or physical impairment must have supervision of a qualified attendant. 

5.   EXIT if the unit begins to lose air.  USE exit doors and escape hatches.

6.   DO NOT use and immediately deflate the inflatable if winds exceed 20 KMPH and/or it rains.

7.   Riders SHOULD all be of compatible age and size.  (Please refer to the Information Plate provided on the unit.)  AGES 3 AND UP ONLY 

8.   The inflatable MUST be securely tied down.  

9.   Keep children away from the blower or foam machine (if you ordered a foam party) at all times.

10.   Bounce away from others and away from the sides.

11.   DO NOT jump on to or off the inflatable.

Waiver of liability must be signed by customer on delivery.

CAUTION:  This is an electrically operated product.  Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.  As with all electric products, precautions should be taken during handling and use to prevent electric shock.  

Foam Party

1.   Keep children away from the foam machine and a barrel with a foam at all times.

2.   Kids doesn’t  allowed to touch a powed foam packs.

3.   Take extreme caution, the floor and other surfaces will become slippery.

4.   All kids should avoid eye contact and taking foam internally.

Laser Tag

 1.    No running!
 2.    No physical contact with other players.
 3.    No climbing on bunkers or any other structure
 4.    Hold Laser with both hands and maintain sling secured at all times.
 5.    Sensors must remain visible and uncovered.

Waiver of liability for the laser tag must be signed by all players and handed to

Serjo Bouncy Castles prior the play.