Mobile Laser Tag

Fun For Kids And Adults

Mobile laser tag is like bringing computer games people play in their basement on video game consoles to live in the great outdoors.

Recommended for ages 6 and up

We'll Bring the Game to you!

Now available in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph  and area is the newest and hottest rage in mobile entertainment, Mobile Laser Tag in Kitchener and area. 

Nothing is more memorable and remarkable than having an amazing game at the party. It is the best present you can give to anyone especially considering it is an entertainment for all ages and the thrill and excitement there is while playing the game. It can transform the party from being boring and dull to be action packed and amazing. Laser tag is a fun game that can be played either inside or outside.
We bring a convenient paintball the field that permits two group to play each other in a fast diversion. 
The Serjo's Bouncy Castles can set-up the Laser Tag game at your business, school, and church or any stop setting. The participants can fully immerse themselves in the game while their companions cheer them on and observers watch from a safe distance. Our completely guaranteed versatile field is controlled by experienced experts whose sole concentration is on safety while advancing this fun adrenaline charged involvement for your visitors. The things required from you are simply to supply the general population and the place and as for the rest, we will make sure that everything goes smoothly and make it the best party they ever have.

Our Laser Tag Rental is perfect for any event. Outdoor or Indoor.

Birthday Parties

Office Parties


Church Youth Groups

Social Events

Team Building

Open Play

Sports Teams

Community Events

Up to 12 Players


  • Includes a Game Marshal

  • 2 hours of Game Play 

  • Includes 10 Inflatable Bunkers

  • Extra time $50/30 minutes

Up to 14 Players


  • Includes a Game Marshal

  • 2 hours of Game Play

  • Includes up to 12 Inflatable Bunkers

  • Extra time $50/30 minutes

Up to 16 Players


  • Includes a Game Marshal

  • 2 hours of Game Play

  • Includes Inflatable Bunkers

  • Added military Bunkers

  • Added AK 47 and M4 rifles  

  • Extra time $50/30 minutes

Laser Tag Like You've Never Played Before!

If you are interested in Laser tag but cannot decide whether it is a right choice to be chosen for a party, then here are the following reasons which will help in making your decision. Laser tag can be easy to learn and simple to play while offering the best feel for competitiveness action-packed and making tactical decisions. With only a couple of minor directions, little kids, teenagers or adults alike can engage in tactical laser tag at parties with extraordinary laser tag gameplay that will make a tremendous impact! We will go to your home or other chosen area, (for example: park, forest, business office, church, community center, etc) and set up the entire place and prepare the equipment and provide the training that they will require to play the game also while supervising and ensuring that everyone has an awesome time. We also offer extraordinary tactical laser tag for gatherings event of youth or grown-ups or both. It is a ton of fun and the incredible thing is that it for the entire family, particularly for those searching for a more profound level of rivalry. New to the laser label scene is the blending of both laser label universes. It's hard to believe, but its true tactical laser tag is being brought inside and the experience is even more elevated. This amusement merges the two universes together, giving more technique to the fun and light-hearted session of traditional laser tag yet keeping it chill permitting tactical players to demonstrate their skills. Truth is all laser tag is fun and it just relies on your preference. The Tactical laser tag has an awesome tactical course or we can bring an assortment of different ones of your liking. It is highly recommended to at least try it for once yourself and you will find yourself enjoying the event with everyone else.

Laser Tag VS Paintball or Airsoft

  • No Pain

  • No Mess

  • No Paint or BBs to Buy

  • No Compressed Air or CO2

  • No bad O-Rings

  • No hot and sweaty protective equipment needed

  • No cheating via paint wire or ignoring of hits

  • Highly Accurate at over 1200 ft (BC Gear)

Our Equipment

One of the best laser tag weapon. The Razorback-S is both light and agile allowing quick targeting and reaction needed in laser tag combat scenarios. Comes with a red or green dot scope.

The M4 Laser Tag Carbine is our pride. It is full metal and looks and feels incredible. The M4 comes stock in a sniper rifle configuration with a Harris bi-pod and an optical scope. This weapon is designed for special and corporate events for age 12 and up.

Short version of the Razorback-S. 

The AK-47 Assault Rifle is the world’s most popular and iconic assault rifle. The rifle full metal and looks and feels incredible. The AK 47 comes with red or green dot scope. This weapon is designed for special and corporate events for age 12 and up.

Nighthawk Pistol. Comes with a mini red dot scope. We provide the blue color pistol.


There are a lot of ways to play Laser Tag. Below just a few different game types we can offer. From a basic free-for-all, to more complex missions-based games. Every game scenarist promises high level of excitement. 

Team Death Match

The Death Match Game is simple. The mission for both teams is to find and kill as many of the rivals as possible while minimizing friendly casualties in close quarters fighting. No medic boxes in this game. Killed players leave the field until the end of the game.

Capture the Flag

Сapture the other team flag from their base and bring it back to your base without running out of life. If an agent is neutralized while carrying the flag, they have to drop it in place and go to re-spawn. Either unit can pick up the flag at this point. If it is picked up by the unit that owns it, it can only be returned to its original location but if it is picked up by the opposite unit the MISSION IS OVER.

Last Man Standing

Every player for himself. A straight-out elimination type mission. No bases or special objects. The goal is to eliminate all enemy players. 

Rescue VIP

Your team have to hide VIP at safe location. But the opposing team is trying to find him. If your team will lost the VIP, the MISSION IS OVER. (Use any soft toy as a VIP).

Escort Mission

The Escort Team is trying to safely transport some VIP person or equipment from one base to another. They must ensure the VIP person or equipment's safe arrival at its destination. The Opposing Team is trying to take the VIP person or equipment from the Escort Team to their own base.

Serjo Bouncy Castles allways provide safe games and equipment.
There are a few basic rules:

 1.    No running!
 2.    No physical contact with other players.
 3.    No climbing on bunkers or any other structure.
 4.    Hold Laser with both hands and maintain sling secured at all times.
 5.    Sensors must remain visible and uncovered.

Waiver of liability must be signed by all players and handed to Serjo Bouncy Castles prior the play.


Please, read F.A.Q  Laser tag for more information.

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