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Mobile Laser Tag is perfect for any party 

Everyone is playing them sitting in a basement, so we are bringing the modern video games to life in your front yard, office, gym or in a parks! Go head to head against friends and family members. Both children and adults can compete together to accomplish missions and bring their team to victory.  We have taken concepts from the hottest video game titles like Call of Duty and bring that experience to life. With a variety of laser tag game modes available, you are sure to find the scenario to fit your preferences.

No "pew, pew" cheap laser tag guns and bulky vests used here. Our Tactical Laser Tag packages use your professional military grade with a range allowing you to tag your opponent up to 800' away, with a realistic equipment and realistic sound effects will give you an experience you will never forget. Our Laser Tag is the ultimate combat immersive entertainment experience. Nothing is more memorable and remarkable than having an amazing game at the party.



Up to 10 Taggers

Age 6+

2 Hours of Rental 

6 Inflatable barrels

Extra tagger is $20

Backyards only

NO Game Operator



Up to 14 Taggers

Age 6+

2 Hours of Games Play 

10 Inflatable bunkers

Extra tagger is $20

Battle Field setup

Game Operator



Up to 16 Taggers*

Age 6+ 

2 Hours of Games Play 

14 Inflatable bunkers

* AK47 and M4 for 14 yo and up

Battle Field setup

Game Operator

We'll Bring the Game to you

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All Players like our Laser Tag

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We will go to your large backyard or other chosen area, (for example: park, forest, business office, church, community center, etc.) and set up the entire place and prepare the equipment and provide the training that they will require to play the game also while supervising and ensuring that everyone has an awesome time. We also offer extraordinary tactical laser tag for gatherings event of youth or grown-ups or both. It is a ton of fun and the incredible thing is that it for the entire family, particularly for those searching for a more profound level of rivalry. 

We will show up about 60-90 minutes early to set up the field. The We will assess the area and determine which barriers are appropriate. It doesn't take long. The kids can help move the inflatable barriers. Once the field is complete the Game Marshal will then go over  how to use the guns and brief the cadets on their mission.

Birthday parties,  Corporate team building,  Youth groups,  League parties,  Adult parties,  Team building,  Graduation parties, Bachelor or Bachelorette parties,  Fundraisers,  Family gatherings,  School parties,  Employee appreciation parties.

Add a Fog Machine to your Laser Tag  party just for $80 each

Laser Tag is always weather pending.
We do not play in the rain or when the grass is wet due to it being slippery.

Please, read F.A.Q  Laser tag for more information.

Serjo's Laser tag

Laser Tag like you've

never play before

For further information, please feel free to reach out to us





K-W, Cambridge, Guelph

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