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Foam Party

Kids, get ready for a soapy surprise!

Birthday's are a time of joy and merriment. You may have been doing something regular or simple for some time now and you've had your kids ask Dad/Mom what will we be doing for my birthday or where are we going? As parents, there's no feeling in the world that beats the feeling of seeing your children happy, you light up unknowingly. Making your child happy in turn makes you even happier.  
We would like to offer you Kids Foam Party. It's fun for all ages. Our kid's foam party is always a hit at Birthday Parties and it is very affordable.The inflatable foam pit is very colorful and fun. It will make your kids forget about everything's and immerse themselves in the super fun activities. The size is 15ft × 15ft and 3ft high, it is safe and usually big enough to accommodate a large number of kids so no one is left out at Our Foam Parties.

Perfect For Any Summer event !

Always a Hit

The foam is safe, 100% organic, hypoallergenic, odorless and does not stain! And it doesn't do any damage to the grass. We will provide the foam party to your place with enough time to set up before the kids arrive. The Foam Party is 3 hours. Extra hour is $50.
Our foam pit is 15x15', so we need at least 17x18' space for it.
We can provide an music system with our playlist with no extra charge. If you have a special selection of songs that you would like to play, put it on a USB stick and you will be able to use it on our player.


All kids must have a swimsuit and towel ! The renter has to provide access to garden water tap.

Serjo Bouncy Castles allways provide safe games and equipment. There are a few basic rules:

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