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Archery Tag game comprises players team on either of the sides, divided by a Safe Zone. The teams have to start the game with the same quantity of players while the object of the game is to ousted all competitive players by getting them "out" or scoring the most points in a timed game. Throughout the play, entire of the players must stay within the range of lines of boundary. The players might go beyond the boundaries with the help of end-line just for retrieving the stray arrows. They also do have to get back through their end-line while everyone has to obey the decisions of the referee throughout. Players must wear masks during the game. If you get hit, you are eliminated and must stand off to the side.

Every game commences by keeping bows along the end lines and arrows in the center of the safe zone. Then the Player carries a certain position on their end line. Acting on a signal by the referee, players head into the safe zone to attain as many arrows as possible. Followed by that, the players get back to their attack zone to begin the shooting process. The players are "live" only when in their attack zone and they can only shoot or be shot when in their attack zone. The players when in the safe zone are unable to shoot or be shot. Players in the safe zone are only allowed to get back arrows and return quickly to their attack zone. Players do not stop in the safe zone and must keep on moving and progressing at all times. A player who stops in the safe zone has a time of 5 seconds to receive a warning by the referee. The second infraction will cause a 1 point deduction (League Points style) or discarding from the game which is Classic Elimination style at the will of the referee. In case if teams do consist of more than 5 players, the added players have to be in a designated area on the sideline. Substitutions need to happen live without stopping the game. The player leaving the field have to hand their bow to the player who is coming in. The timeouts can only be gained for equipment security purposes and injured players.

If a teammate either catches an arrow or knocks one of the five spot targets completely out of the target on the opposing team then an eliminated player on your team may re‐enter the game in the order they were eliminated. Continue playing this way either until all targets or players are all eliminated on one team. Try to make teams as even in age and size as possible.

We do not encourage headshots however they occasionally happen. If the referee notices someone continuously shooting at the head, they will be asked to leave the field and not be able to return and play for this event. If an arrow hits your bow it does count, if it bounces off ground or obstacle first is does not count. However the referee has the final say and there will be no arguments or you will be asked to leave the field.


Players are to respect and adhere to the decisions of the referee at all times. Mask must be worn at all times while on field and when on sidelines waiting to re-enter play. Always be sure arrow has a foam tip prior to shooting.

Respect all players. Under no circumstance are bows or arrows to used as clubs to knock arrows out of the air or assault other players. Aggressive and intolerant behavior will not be born while vulgar language and/or gestures will not be tolerated as well.

What is the "Safety Zone"?

safety zone2.jpg

Safety Zone – This area is gather arrows and return to your combat area, it is also designed to maintain a safe shooting distance between players. You CANNOT shoot or be shot in this area; if this happens it will NOT count. You are NOT to stay in this area, get your arrows and get out, if a referee asks you to exit this area you must do so promptly.

League Style (points)

Such style of gameplay proves to be a tremendous audience sport as it is fast-paced with many lead changes, and is more helpful to fresh players. Right when a player gets a blow with an arrow, they stay in the game and resume the play. 

A time limit is established for each game (typically 5 to 10 minutes, or two halves of 5 minutes each). At the end of the time limit, the team with the greater number of points will be declared the winner.

Points are scored in the following manner:


Shooting an opponent player with an arrow in one of the following areas:


Players body


Any equipment (bows, arrows, masks, etc.)



Knocking a spots out of the opposing teams target



Catching an opponent's arrow

Elimination Style (classic)

This option appeals to the more experienced players, or those who like more risk in the game. When a player is hit with an arrow, they are out of the game until one of their teammates catches an arrow or knocks out one of the spots from the opposing team's 5-spot target.

The object of this style of play is to have the most players and target spots remaining at the end of a timed game (typically 5 to 10 minutes depending on number of players). The first team to legally eliminate all opposing players will be declared the winner. A time limit is established for each game (typically 5 to 10 minutes, or two halves of 5 minutes each). If neither team has been eliminated at the end of the time limit, the team with the greater number of players will be declared the winner.


A player is considered out and must leave the field if:


Player is shot anywhere on the body 


An arrow strikes any player equipment (bow, arrows, mask).


A player shoots an arrow that is caught by the opposing team.


A player may return to the game if:


A teammate knocks out one of the spots from the opposing team's 5-spot target.


A teammate catches an opponent's arrow in mid-air.

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